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Intred welcomes you to the Investor Relations section, aiming to provide efficient and transparent information required by the financial community.

In order to disclose regulated information, the company employs the disclosing system 1INFO (, managed by Computershare S.p.A., located in Via Lorenzo Mascheroni 10, Milan.


2016 2017 2018 2019
Production value 11.875.812 14.776.841 17.883.232 21.186.905
EBITDA 4.024.804 5.696.365 6.806.694 8.708.236
EBITDA margin 33,9% 38,5% 38,1% 41,1%
EBIT 2.371.186 3.524.288 4.190.066 5.757.987
EBIT margin 20,0% 23,9% 23,4% 27,2%
Net result 1.636.008 2.537.708 3.208.734 4.325.290
Net financial position (NFP)
2.479.021 4.076.794 -6.586.874 -8.138.969
Net equity 6.906.215 9.439.162 22.650.286 26.658.865


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  • 13 February 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the 2019 turnover
  • 20 March 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the draft financial statements for the year ended 31.12.2019
  • 20 April 2020 – Shareholders’ Meeting for the approval of the Financial Statements as of 31.12.2019
  • 5 May 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the first quarter 2020 turnover
  • 4 August 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the turnover of the first half of 2020
  • 29 September 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the Half-yearly financial report at June 30, 2020
  • 5 November 2020 – Board of Directors for the approval of the third quarter 2020 turnover
  • 9 march 2019 – Board of Directors –Approval of draft financial statements for the year ended as at 31 december 2018
  • 19 april 2019 – AGM – Approval financial statements for the year ended as at 31 december 2018
  • 6 may 2019 – Board of Directors – Approval turnover 1Q 2019
  • 2 august 2019 – Board of Directors – Approval turnover 1Q 2019
  • 26 september 2019 – Board of Directors – Approval of half-year financial report as at 30 June 2019.
  • 5 november 2019 – Board of Directors – Approval turnover 3Q 2019
  • 18 September 2018 –  Annual General Meeting – Increase in the number of members of the Board of directors and appointment of an extra member.
  • 27 September 2018 – Board of Directors – Approval of half-year financial report as at 30 June 2018.


Intred’s share capital is currently made up of 15,850,500 ordinary shares.

Shareholder No. of shares Percentage of share capital
DM Holding S.r.l. 10.205.387 64,39%
Market 3.987.317 25,16%
Value First SICAF S.p.A. 1.447.796 9,13%
Fabio Massimo Erri 210.000 1,32%
TOTAL 15.850.500 100%
Last update 02/06/2020.

Information obligations for significant shareholders

In compliance with AIM Italia Issuer’s Regulations, whoever holds at least 5% of a category of financial instruments of Intred S.p.A. is deemed to be a “Significant shareholder”.

Exceeding the 5% threshold and achieving or exceeding (over or below) 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66,6% and 90% makes up a “Substantial Change” that significant shareholders must report to Intred S.p.A.

To this purpose, within 4 trading days after the date of the transaction that resulted in the “Substantial Change”, the significant shareholder must report the following to Intred S.p.A.:

  • The identities of significant shareholders involved;
  • The date on which Intred S.p.A. was notified;
  • The date of the Substantial Change in shares;
  • The price, amount and category of Intred S.p.A. financial instruments involved;
  • The nature of the transaction;
  • The nature and extent of the significant shareholder’s contribution to the transaction.

The report can be submitted by filling in the Significant shareholder form (download it here) and e-mailing it to


Admission price 2,27 €
No. of shares 15.850.500
Bloomberg code ITD IM
ISIN code IT0005337818
Alphanumeric code ITD
Market AIM Italia / Alternative Capital Market



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