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Every technological innovation determines social progress, just as every new communication tool revolutionizes our way of interpreting reality, of relating to and doing business.

Intred strongly believes in the combination of  “technology and development” and is aware of the fact that the availability of more and more performing technologies constitutes a concrete competitive advantage, for this reason its look is constantly oriented towards the future, in order to create value for its customers through technological innovation.

Intred aims to develop a high speed connection network in Northern Italy, increasing sales by means of sales manager hired with an open-ended contract.

Intred has several strengths:

  • its presence is consolidated in the relevant geographical area (Brescia, Bergamo, Mantua) with the best financial profile and the highest economic potential;
  • profitable business model based on long-term relationships with clients, 95% of the turnover results from recurrent income;
  • wide offer of services: broadband, ultra-broadband, and wireless connectivity, land line telephone and cloud services;
  • large portfolio of customers (total clients in 2019 are over 30,000, including: 54% professional clients; 4% Public Administration; 14% retailers; 29% residential clients);
  • widespread presence, with over 3,000 km optical fiber network;
  • technologically advanced and redundant network infrastructure, handled by TLC certified personnel;

Timeline Intred

1996 – INTRED SRL IS ESTABLISHED: The Company was established in Milan thanks to the intuition and willingness of three founders coming from the same listed multinational company. One of the founders was Daniele Peli, current president and majority shareholder.

1997 – DANIELE PELI LEADING THE COMPANY: The shareholders board changes as a result of the sale of two shareholders’ shares to the co-founder Daniele Peli and his wife Marisa Prati. The company immediately experience a continuous growth, especially in the province of Brescia, up to becoming a reference point for business users. Then, it gradually spreads to the neighbouring provinces of Bergamo and Mantua.

1998 – THE CONQUER OF BRESCIA: Headquarters are transferred from Milan to Villa Carcina (BS).

2007 – SHIFTING TO A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY: Intred turns from a LLC to a joint-stock company and headquarters are relocated from Villa Carcina to Brescia.

2010 – OWN CABLE NETWORK, WAREHOUSE AND TWO DATA CENTERS: the company starts to build its own cable network, resulting into a successful strategy that allows the company to increase its turnover year after year. The development and identification with the area of Brescia enhance significant growth and extension, so that in 2011 a new venue is built in Brescia, including 60 employees, a warehouse, and two Data Centres.

2012 – BIRTH OF THE EIR BRAND: Intred enters the market of residential users with the EIR brand, recording a significant increase in clients that will grow by 5 times in the following 5 years, with an average increase in the turnover by 65% in the three-year period 2015-2017.

2017 – ALL ECONOMIC INDICES ARE INCREASING: 2017 was a positive year, concluded with an increase in all economic indices. The Production value increased by 24.4% compared with 2016, amounting up to 14.8M€. In 2017, Intred provided services to almost 21,600 business and retail clients in Lombardia.

2018 – LANDING AT AIM ITALIA: On 16 July 2018, following a placement of 2.5 times the offering performed by Italian and foreign investors, the Italian Stock Exchange grants the Company access to the trading of ordinary shares on the AIM Italia (code: ITD.MI), Mercato Alternativo del Capitale (Alternative Capital Market) structured and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.. On July, 18th Intred Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. rings the bell in Borsa Italiana.

With a over 3.000 km fibre optic network Intred provides broadband, ultra-broadband, and wireless connectivity, land line telephone, cloud and accessory services related to Business and Retail customers in Lombardia.

2010 was a critical year, with a change in the corporate strategy relying on 4 major steps:

  • focus the activities on the territory of the province of Brescia and some surrounding areas, so as not to waste resources and in order to guarantee customer support that meets the requirements of the business market;
  • create a sales team including people hired directly by the company, with a high level of professionalism acquired thanks to continuous training and experience on the field. The sales team includes young permanent employees with a long-term working perspective;
  • organize the connection network in order to achieve maximum possible coverage on the territory, thanks to a fibre infrastructure owned by the company and a new LLU network with stations placed in all town with more than 6/7,000 inhabitants;
  • develop the residential market to provide a comprehensive offer and pay off the investment on the infrastructure for every local station.

In 2012, Intred accesses the market of residential users with the brand EIR, (www.eir.net), recording a critical increase in clients that usually drive the growth of both the turnover and the sales of business products, with a higher added value.

Intred can currently rely on a new generation optical fibre network spread on the territory of Lombardia, subsequent to the strategical choices made in 2010, which also resulted in an increase in the turnover and great balance sheet indicators.

In the years to come, the company will pursue the consistent growth of internal lines, by empowering its own optical fibre network in order to increase its widespread presence (with the continuous expansion to new towns). This will allow to increase users and make sales prices more competitive, as a result of the optimization of connection costs for a single user.

Daniele Peli – President and CEO

Born in Lodrino (BS), on 23 October 1959, he got a diploma as Industrial Expert in 1979. In 1980/81 he served in the Carabinieri forces. From 1979 to 1984 he worked as craftsman in the firearms sector. In 1984 he joined the SOL S.p.A. group, a listed company, as technical sales engineer in Brescia subsidiary. In 1988 he was transferred to Monza to coordinate the development of the Home Care sector in the subsidiaries of the SOL group located in Northern Italy. In 1990 he joined the group’s international department, to start and develop the Home Care sector in major European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia). In 1996 he left the SOL group to found this Company with two other founders.

Marco Efrem Carellini – Technical director

Born in Verona on 12 December 1979, he graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Trento. With a 10 year experience in the field of telecommunications, he worked for a long time for Telefin S.p.A, a telecommunication company, up to taking the role of Technical director. In September 2018 he joined Intred as Technical manager for technical and organization activities in the company’s technical departments.

Filippo Leone – CFO

Born in Turin (TO) on 14 October 1976. In 2001, he got a degree Economics and management of industrial firms at Bocconi University. With a 15-year experience in the administrative, financial, and accounting fields, he worked for more than 7 years in an auditing firm (PricewaterhouseCoopers). At the beginning of 2018 he joined Intred as Chief Financial Officer, to support the company in the listing process.

Manuel Metelli – Purchasing director

Born in Gardone Val Trompia (BS), on 20 October 1976. In 1996, he got a diploma as Industrial Expert in Electronics and Telecommunications. From 1996 to 1999 he worked in the automotive segment. From 1999 to 2000, he was employed by an external company to work at Bipop Carire in the IT field, providing technical support to the group’s subsidiaries. In 2000 he joined Intred. During the first years he worked as system technician and then he started managing the technical support team.

Giulia Peli – Marketing director

Born in Brescia (BS) on 28 June 1991, in 2010 she graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Brescia. In 2016 she joined Intred as marketing director. She takes care of branding, social media marketing, corporate communication and strategy, digital marketing, management of relationships with corporate partners, sponsors, event planning, and management of Intred and EIR websites.

Roberta Poli – HR and customer care director

Born in Gardone Val Trompia (BS), on 15 June 1977, she got a Master’s Degree in Education and HR at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia. Since 2004, she has worked for Intred as manager of HR and customer care, with her strong experience in the management, supervision and development of HR and in meeting the compulsory requirements related to occupational safety and health. She supervises a team of 4 people for customer care and legal counselling, managing complaints, claims and various requests related to business and residential clients.

Egon Zanagnolo – Commercial director

Born in Gardone (VT) on 23 September 1976. In 1999 he joined the Intred team and followed the whole commercial path of Intred with more and more important roles. Since 2011 he has directed the Company’s commercial department, coordinating a team of 16 people. Moreover, he works with the CEO to develop commercial and marketing strategies and he supervises the relationships with business clients and public administration.

Becoming an Intred client provides:

  • access to the most innovative technology for telecommunication;
  • access to the best connection performance on the market;
  • a unique quality/price ratio;
  • accurate and prompt technical support;
  • a Customer Satisfaction Index of 93.6/100, certified by Cerved.


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